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Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch
Languages: German, English
Release Date: 2022
Planned play time: 6 - 8 hours


Monolith is a storydriven, atmospheric point and click adventure game.
You take on the survival struggle of Tessa Carter, 200 years in th future, who crashed onto a foreign planet and is now desperately searching for a way to leave this place alive.


Tessa Carter, a space explorer in service of the Intergalactic Mining Corporation, was on a mission with her friend and pilot Mark and asleep in her cryo chamber when the ship came down on a foreign planet.

She awoke when the incident was already over. With a small flying analysis robot called C.O.R.E. as her only companion, she must call for help or leave this planet in any other way. Between swamps and rocks she eventually finds an outpost of the Intergalactic Mining Corporation, which looks as if it was abandoned a long time ago. With ingenuity and persistence she tries to bring this place back to live but can not shake a bad feeling, coming alive with it.

Nothing inside this station looks as if it was left orderly. The more information Tessa gathers the less everything makes sense – the sense in her life she will desperatly need to escape this impossible situation.




  Monolith - Überblick (DE) - Monolith - Overview (EN)
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- a story full of twists, drama and emotional understandings


- a traditional adventure, which can be played solely with your mouse
- examine and interact with objects in the scene
- combine and use found objects in the easy inventory
- use CORE and his functions in order to understand your surroundings and their history


- 40 hand drawn locations and backgrounds
- a suspensful, murky and dense atmosphere
- threedimensional characters with motion captured animations

Tasks and mini games

- purposeful and logical puzzles embedded in a thrilling story
- combine informations and knowledge from scientific fields to find a solution
- diverse mini games and controlable machines






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