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Animation Arts Privacy Policy

None of our apps collect any type of personal information or information from your device. Only the Animation Arts website collects and uses your personal data in accordance with the regulations of the law on data protection of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the following, you will get information on the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data in our games and apps. You can access this information via our websites at any point in time.

None of our apps collect any type of information from you or your device. All of our apps are self-contained apps that only store progress of the game itself. No personal information is gathered from your devices and we ask no questions about the users.

An optional email contact form is available on our website. If you wish to get in contact with us, you can send us an email. We ONLY use your email address to send answers directly to you. We do NOT share any of these data with any other entity or 3rd party.

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